Just By Speaking

Meet Art Museum, my first iOS app. Explore artwork from The Met, Art Institute of Chicago, and Cleveland Museum of Art. With a swipe. Or with your voice.

It’s powered by SwiftUI, App Intents, and CloudKit from Apple – along with open access data and imagery – published by these museums under Creative Commons Zero (CCO) to encourage download, remix and reuse.

Two years ago at WWDC22, Apple introduced App Intents.

An app intent represents something people can do inside of your app, and it makes it possible to do it from outside of your app.
– WWDC2022, Platforms State of the Union, Ari Weinstein, Shortcuts Engineering Manager

I’d been building with Alexa for five years, making conversational sound on smart speakers. The launch of App Intents electrified my focus and creative energy – so I charted a new course. I joined the Apple Developer program, started learning Swift, and dove into Apple’s APIs across speech, language and sound.

Art Museum is from Just By Speaking – a new imprint in Seattle exploring the canvas outside of your app.

Final WWDC Lab today with the CloudKit team! ☁️

WWDC Day 3 Labs: App Intents/Siri this morning and Design consult this afternoon. Stoked for both.

WWDC Labs are great. I got detailed feedback from the accessibility design team, including from a visually impaired person on my VoiceOver implementation.

Very much missing the official WWDC Slack this year. Mostly because it brought a strong sense of community. And it was a trove of knowledge nuggets and inspo.

Today I’m building a pipeline to describe all of Art Museum’s images using the vision capability of GPT-4o. This will enable a better VoiceOver experience for blind and low vision users.

Untangling and decoupling a few SwiftUI views that have become way too large.

Making some Art Museum enhancements today based on people’s feedback. Thank you people!
Xcode iPhone simulator, a Van Gogh self portrait fills the entire device. An overlaid white arrow points up. Text seen In a background window: temporary visual indicator, vertical swipe user ed.

It fills me with sonic nerd joy knowing the Core Audio headers date back to 1985. Screenshot of CoreAudioBaseTypes.h, copyright 1985-2021 by Apple, Inc.

🔊 The Infinite Crate

As a hip hop producer, we dug in the crates. We playing these vinyls and the part where there's no vocal, we pull it, we sample it, and we create an entire song around that. So right now we digging in the infinite crate. It's endless.
– Wyclef Jean on making music with AI
📺 Google I/O '24 Keynote

someone wearing Vision Pro

my mom: Oh! is that AI?

A vintage paper map showing the greater Chicagoland area.
📸 Day 30: Hometown

A coastal forest towering over a beach covered in drift wood of all shapes and sizes.
📸 Day 29: Drift
📍Shi Shi Beach, Makah Reservation, 2023
📱11 Pro Max

An outdoor empty picture frame is situated to frame the community garden with Seattle skyline in the background.
📸 Day 28: Community
📍Beacon Food Forest, Seattle, 2024
📱15 Pro Max

A green sign with big white capital letters saying OTTERS BITE
📸 Day 27: Surprise
📍Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary, UK, 2022
📱11 Pro Max

A black cat with yellow eyes looks down from a wisteria tree in bloom with purple flowers glistening in the sun.
📸 Day 26: Critter
📍Spring in Seattle, 2024
📱15 Pro Max

A tall outdoor sign for a medical center with a green glowing background. The sign lists 28 different offices in Korean and English in white lettering, including Jaseng Spine Center.
📸 Day 25: Spine
📍Koreatown, LA, 2015
📱6 Plus

A wall mounted circular glass light fixture with 33 equidistant rays shooting out from around the circle in all directions.
📸 Day 24: Light
📍Paris, 2023
📱11 Pro Max

A typical Los Angeles two story retail plaza with a store called DREAM SHOP in red capital letters and in quotes.
📸 Day 23: Dreamy
📍Little Bangladesh, LA, 2013

The front portion of an F18 fighter jet in Blue Angels livery against a blue sky.
📸 Day 22: Blue
📍Museum of Flight, Seattle, 2022
📱11 Pro Max