A discarded Lime electric scooter on it's side in a field of ivy with foliage growing over it.
πŸ“Έ Day 4: Foliage

Seems like maybe Xcode Cloud / TestFlight / App Store Connect are all short circuiting right now… ?

Just bailed on using an App Intents Extension because putting the intents in my main app target fixed a number of issues and made debugging way easier.

Vintage rectangular punch cards from the early computing era, featuring rows of tiny numbers with a smattering of punched holes to represent data.
πŸ“Έ Day 3: Card
From the book Print Punch: Artefacts From The Punch Card Computing Era. Published by CentreCentre (2020).

When you run a Shortcut with a visual Snippet from the Shortcuts app, it pops up as an overlay. You can tap the snippet, or the Done button to dismiss it.

But when you run the same Shortcut via Siri, the visual snippet appears without a Done button, and tapping the snippet opens the source app.

New(ish?) App Intents sample code: developer.apple.com/documenta…

A bouquet of colorful wildflowers from the Lego Botanical Collection.
πŸ“Έ Day 2: Flowers
I love real flowers and Lego flowers.

first Apple Silicon era Mac freeze. no beach ball but keyboard and trackpad just stopped working

A small wood toy car, assembled from a kit and glued together.
πŸ“Έ Day 1: Toy
I don’t have a ton of memories of my grandpa. But I remember building this wood car together at his workbench in the garage when I was super young. Happy I still have it.

Xcode Cloud is neat. I’m so glad they extended the 25 hours/month for free.

hello momentum, how i’ve missed you.

I’ve been really stuck on a project for a while but I’m breaking through and it feels good.

Come on now now!

A very annoying macOS bug somehow emptied out all my Launchpad folders. So now I have pages and pages of jumbled apps followed by a final page of empty folders.

very excited to attend Deep Dish Swift in Chicago this May!! my first indie developer conference since wading into Apple land

App Intents is the sleeper Apple framework that will one day tie it all together.

I needed spring

I found the Vision Pro demo person’s script at the Apple Store super distracting and off-putting. It was not a good experience.

Surprised there was no demo or even mention of Siri in my 30 minute guided tour of Vision Pro at the Apple Store.

I was surprised how much light leaked in from under Vision Pro. I didn’t feel that immersed because of it.