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Tax Day

When is Tax Day? Open Tax Day to find out!

invocation name tax day
release date april 2018
category education & reference
catalog # bon015
product page 🇺🇸

Tax Day was an experiment in capturing organic voice traffic. I figured lots of people in April would be asking Alexa about tax day. Even though there was a 1st party answer to this already baked in, the thinking was that “tax day” invocation name might capture some of this traffic.

phatic speech
Infusing Alexa with personality and vibe has driven my interest in voice from the outset. You know those silly easter eggs like “Alexa, rap for me”? I often wonder how these come to life. How personality by committee emerges. How many Amazonians need to sign off on who Alexa becomes. Or if individuals are able to slip in little flourishes here and there into her core identity. Lisa Falkson worked on creating some of Alexa’s original personality and brought a wealth of knowledge to LingoFest earlier this year. I learned from her this is known as phatic speech in the biz. I think every voice platform experiments with this – and continues to dial in when to be dry and informative versus when to be unexpected and witty. I figured something as drab as Tax Day could actually use a little charm. Especially since a user would most likely only ask this once. (compared to Siri, for instance, who used to say “burrrrr” every single time you asked the weather when it was cold out...).

Alexa’s 1st party response to “when is tax day?”:

Alexa’s 3rd party response when routed to my skill:

I never expected people to seek this skill out or enable it. But as Amazon continues to breakdown the barriers of skill enablement by connecting users directly to 3rd party skills, I figured Tax Day might get some love. But I was wrong. I think like 4 people used it. No harm, no foul. Onwards…
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