Meet Art Museum, my first iOS app. Explore artwork from The Met, Art Institute of Chicago, and Cleveland Museum of Art. With a swipe. Or with your voice.

It’s powered by SwiftUI, App Intents, and CloudKit from Apple – along with open access data and imagery – published by these museums under Creative Commons Zero (CCO) to encourage download, remix and reuse.

Two years ago at WWDC22, Apple introduced App Intents.

An app intent represents something people can do inside of your app, and it makes it possible to do it from outside of your app.
– WWDC2022, Platforms State of the Union, Ari Weinstein, Shortcuts Engineering Manager

I’d been building with Alexa for five years, making conversational sound on smart speakers. The launch of App Intents electrified my focus and creative energy – so I charted a new course. I joined the Apple Developer program, started learning Swift, and dove into Apple’s APIs across speech, language and sound.

Art Museum is from Just By Speaking – a new imprint in Seattle exploring the canvas outside of your app.